agile coaching & consulting

Product developments require a high degree of commitment from people. Complicated or complex products are seldom created without people working together as a team. I would like to draw your attention to how important it will be for the success of your project that you look at the whole picture.
66% of all projects fail at one of the three corners of the Iron Triangle. The main reason for this is usually not in the areas of scope, time, cost to find. In truth, it is due to a lack of willingness or ability to take responsibility. It is due to a lack of courage to make necessary decisions, a lack of openness and frequent confusion about focus. This can only be positively changed by the greatest possible respect for the people in the project. However, one must also be aware that these are also the basics of project management. So is the Iron Triangle. If you think you don't need project management for agile development projects, go the wrong way: Let's go the right way together.

Sophisticated project management under the guidance of Agile Values.