Agile Coaching & Consulting

Product developments today require a high degree of commitment from people. Innovative or complex products are primarily the result of teamwork and experience. I would like to direct your attention to how important it will be for the success of your product to focus on people. This applies to the customer as well as to the members of your development team.


76% of all product launches fail. According to a study based on approx. 12,000 product launches, 76% of all products disappear from the market after less than 12 months.

66% of all projects fail at at least one of the three corners of the Iron Triangle of project management. The regular Chaos Report of the Standish Group has been coming to similar results again and again for years.

Success not failure

The main reason for failure is not to be found in time, cost or quality. In reality, it is mostly due to the lack of ability of development teams to take responsibility. This is due to too little courage, lack of openness and focus. Only the most respect for the people involved can change the result for the better.

Let's go the right way together. Product development under the guiding star of agile values and principles.

Heiko Hunger